The missing (Jee)Link

After soldering and some initial tinkering with some LEDs you want to transfer data when you have a JeeNode. That’s what its made for.

So my setup was:

JeeNode v6
JeeNode USB

JeeNode v6, JeeNode USB, JeeLink (top to bottom)

So you already know what the JeeNodes are, but what’s this JeeLink? Well basically its almost the same as a JeeNode USB but without any Ports and its formfactor is that of a USB-Stick. So you plug it directly into your computer’s USB and you can receive data from other JeeNodes wirelessly.

So let’s go back to my initial testing setup. The JeeLink and the JeeNode USB came both ready to be used (both are smd), so the most unreliable device was the JeeNode v6 that I had soldered. So testing the preassembled devices was the way to go.

But testing each of the JeeNodes against sending towards the JeeLink failed, so I turned to sending data between the two nodes, which worked quite well. So it had to do something with the JeeLink.
But at that time I was simply bored that it was not working, so I sticked with the two JeeNodes.

It was only after some days that I found out that some soldering problem had happened with the presoldered Jeelink. The microcontroller itself worked perfectly, it simply could not talk with the RFM12B, so after applying my soldering iron everything worked just fine.

Dismantled JeeLink with the RFM12B on the left

The Code running on all the devices was the <code>rf12demo.pde</code> which you can find here together with some descriptions.

The thing that helped me the most was setting the JeeNodes and the JeeLink to Group 0 which basically shows everything that’s happening on 868MHz around the house.

RF12Demo.pde loaded and Group set to 0, catches lots of noise

But although all the lines are nonstandard data (a.k.a. noise) for the RF12Demo they helped me to find out that the JeeNodes were ok, as they both showed the same amount of noise, while the JeeLink got nothing.

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