Unboxing… well kind of.

So last time I told some of my history in microcontrollers, and here come the latest gadgets I’m using.

As already told these devices are called JeeNodes, which basically consist of an Atmel ATMega 328 with an Arduino-Bootloader at its core. Apart from this, there are four Ports that give you for example:
-an I²C-Bus
-one analog and one digital Pin per Port
-FTDI-Connector for serial connection (seen on the right side in the picture)
-RFM12B-868MHz-Transceiver (the green smd-part on the left, with the black wire being the antenna)
-and of course power (3,3V from the voltage regulator and whatever voltage you supply on its power input)

The JeeNode v6 with a BlinkPlug attached

This JeeNode is my favourite, because you can easily clip some crocodile-clips onto it and feed it with battery power.

The other alternative is the JeeNode USB with its very own FTDI-Chip on-board instead of the FTDI-Connector, so by attaching a mini-usb cable you get a convenient way of interfacing with this kind of JeeNode.

So some may ask why I wrote in the headline about unboxing, in let’s say some other way. That is because basically I ordered these devices in the unassembled way. So I actually had to do some soldering to get them working, but it is astonishing with how little parts this works.

I actually had a little trouble at first, that came from a misbehaving JeeLink, but that is another story, yet to be told.

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