Low-Budget Room Monitoring with JeeNode – Part 2

On the following photo you can see the improvised Plug for the DHT22 / AM2302, made from perfboard. It doesn’t look good, but for the last month or so it has been working quite nicely.

 I am using some preliminary code so far that does only transfer the measurements and a boolean for battery alarm.

The code is published on github, although I am going to change something there. So far I always published the code to one repository (wd77), now I’m going to try with publishing a single repository for each ‚project‘ as this makes it much more easy for me to handle this on github, and I can post updates more often than before.

The code still needs some cleanup, but again, it is working stable for the time being.

Here you can download the code: https://github.com/wd77/DHTPlug

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