Wooden Case for JeeNode

One recurring problem with JeeNodes in action around the house is the need for a case.

Some JeeNodes are outside or can be tucked out of sight, so they can be in a not so nice case like the grey ones you get from JeeLabs or Reichelt.

But as I recently built a LowBudget-Version of a RoomNode, and I had it lying around in the living room behind a picture-frame, the problem came up that my daughter finds everything….and it is not quite good for these small devices to be thrown around.

Guess what, finally I was convinced that I need some decent case.

I got to work and cut some length from some scrap wood I had lying around and made four pieces about 120mm in length and 45x45mm and glued them together.

Then I cut that block down to 100x80x80mm. Then I put this block into the drill press and drilled it from the planned bottom side with a forstner-bit four times in the corners and removed the remaining pieces inside. Out came a nice cavity to put the JeeNode inside. Although I just throw it in and there is no means of affixing it.

You can get an idea, what it looks like from this picture: Wooden Case

As you can see it looks not too bad. I also made cuts on every side to get better circulation into the case. 

The bottom is closed by a acrylic plate that is fixed in place by a single screw, as you can see in the picture below. This plate opens up other possibilites (e.g. for giving feedback with a blinking LED for low-battery).

Wodden Case - Bottom View

And one important thing to notice is that this massively increases the WAF (Woman’s acceptance factor)!

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Low-Budget Room Monitoring with JeeNode – Part 2

On the following photo you can see the improvised Plug for the DHT22 / AM2302, made from perfboard. It doesn’t look good, but for the last month or so it has been working quite nicely.

 I am using some preliminary code so far that does only transfer the measurements and a boolean for battery alarm.

The code is published on github, although I am going to change something there. So far I always published the code to one repository (wd77), now I’m going to try with publishing a single repository for each ‚project‘ as this makes it much more easy for me to handle this on github, and I can post updates more often than before.

The code still needs some cleanup, but again, it is working stable for the time being.

Here you can download the code: https://github.com/wd77/DHTPlug

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Struggling for pulse counting

I recently began trying to implement pulse counting of some so called smart electricity meter.

Starting off with a TEKT5400 phototransistor i failed, even after some different attempts.

My main problem seems to be, that I am not able to measure the minimal changes, if there are any.

At the moment i’m leaning more towards a low tech solution misusing an analog sensor into functioning a bit more like its digital counterpart. But if that will work out still remains to be seen.

Another alternative would be to simply get another phototransistor, and perhaps borrow a simple oscilloscope.

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